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UserGroup Request Guidelines Empty UserGroup Request Guidelines

Post by SimonU on Mon Jul 15, 2013 6:19 am

Usergroups are not about having a color. The purpose of having a usergroup on the warmerise community forums is to promote, establish & commit your clan & it's members as an active, participating part of the warmerise community. Becoming a UG clan provides you with a private forum for your clan (only your clan members and forum admins/mods will be able to see it), as well as, a color to distinguish your clan members from the other members of the community. It should be regarded as a privilege to have a color, not a right.

1.  Before you apply make sure your clan meets the necessary requirements for a UG.

Your clan must have at least 5 members
You must have a clan advertisement
The clan must be private
Each member must:

have a Warmerise account
have a Warmerise forum account
have your clan on Warmerise

Schedule a date & time with your members to be ready to make the request.
You must have at least 5 members ready to post in your UG request thread within 24 hours.
If members of your clan share an internet connection (siblings or same household), please inform us BEFORE requesting the UG. This will help to avoid confusion, delay &/or declining of the request during the review period

2. Making the UG request thread

From the time that you post the UG request, your members will have 24 hours to make a post requesting a UG.
Clan leader must create a topic titled "{your clan name} Usergroup Request" in this sub-forum
List ALL of your clan members in the request
State the usergroup color you'd like to use via hex colour # or from the colors listed in the post below this one.

UG colors must not be a shade of red as this is reserved for the forum administrators & forum moderators
UG colors must be distinguishable when compared to existing UG clan colors.
Get at least 5 members to post "I would like {clan name} to have a usergroup." AND a link or write their warmerise name to their (publicly viewable) Warmerise account
Upon creating the request, PM a member of the moderation staff to let them know you have created a UG request.
DO NOT create any unrelated posts in UG request topics (This applies to all BB forum members)

3. AFTER 24 HOURS - UG review by moderation staff
After 24 hours the moderation staff will lock the thread & begin going through the member requests. At this time they will check that your members meet the requirements to request a UG. Please allow the moderation staff up to 3 days to perform the necessary checks and to allow the clan leader time to clear up any discrepancies that may arise.

Users will be denied if they:

don't meet the requirements for each member that was listed in step 1
posted their request after 24 hours
share an internet connection with another member of your clan.

In this case, if multiple applicants live together or share an internet connection (siblings or same household), only one will count toward the 5 member minimum. This is to prevent non-legitimate members from being used in a usergroup request. They are still free to join the clan.

4. The Final decision of your UG request
Once all information has been gathered, a FINAL decision will be sent to the clan leader that created the request via a private message (PM).

If your UG request has been DENIED:

You must wait one 2 weeks before attempting another UG request.
If you have any unanswered questions, the clan leader ONLY, should reply in a PM to the moderation staff member that sent the PM informing you of the final decision.
members with questions should contact their clan leader.

If your UG request has been APPROVED:

Your clan will receive your private forum
Your clan will receive a hidden usergroup with the clan leader as the "Group Moderator".

5. Removal of a UG
Your UG may be inspected for removal if:

the clan leader has requested UG removal
your UG falls below 5 members
your UG becomes inactive within the community
the clan leader loses favor with the moderation staff and/or the BB community by violation of the Code of Conduct

The above is a revised version of the "Clan Usergroup Requesting Guidelines" posted by UndeadSheep on BB.  The post has been revised to better fit Warmerise clans requesting for a UG.  The rules and requirements may be altered in the future.

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UserGroup Request Guidelines Empty Re: UserGroup Request Guidelines

Post by GhostRider on Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:13 am

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