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|[Honor]| - Art of War Avqkwo10"Honor represents, Art of War"
As you stumble upon a unknown clan, you realize it's not just a clan, but a family. The clan came from the dephs of chaos, and this clan was created to eliminate enemies. This family is called "Honor". Honor welcomes everyone into the clan, hoping newcomers to join, so that they can change the future of Honor. Our members are respectful, skillful, and loyal. However, we do not care about your skill in Warmerise, we do care about attitude in a player. Honor was created on 1/29/14, and is currently being lead by the clan leaders. and council. You know have read the introduction, do you have what it takes to be a Honor member? Please keep reading this thread to find out.
Code of Honor:
This is the code of Honor, meaning what you should always do while being in Honor.
1. Respect - You must respect everyone in the Warmerise Community. Whether enemies, or clan members. Respect is very important in Honor, becaue it shows us how you treat others. Respect everyone, if they're insulting, whatever measures necessary will be done. If you insult someone, it affects you and the clan.
2. Truth - You must remain truthful, meaning do not tell any lies. We respect members who tell the truth, rather than lieing. If you have done something negative, and told the truth, you may not get punished. Depending on the action you did. If we caught you in a lie, it'll affect us a whole clan, and we'll look at you differently.
3. Loyalty - You must remain loyal to Honor. Meaning, you showed us that you're commited to the clan, and not leaving to join another one. If we see you as a applicant joining and leaving clans, the chances are you'll be rejected. If you remain loyal to the clan, rewards are given.
4. Grammar - You must have a level of Grammar in English when in Honor. English may not be your first language, but you must know enough to understand us, and type.
Clan Rules:
It is expected that you follow these rules while applying, and being in the clan. If you do not follow the rules, a clan leader or council will contact you and give you a warning. Here are the rules of Honor:
No Trolling - Do not troll anyone, as it violents the code of Honor. Trolling anybody will get you a consequence, leading to demotions, or if the trolling is serious, removal of clan.
No Multi-Clanning - Do not be in any clans in Honor. However, fun clans are allowed. If we see you multi-clanning, we'll automatically remove you from the clan. If you're applying to Honor while being in another clan, you'll automatically get rejected.
No Sharing Information - Do not share any private Honor information. What's meant to be kept in Honor, remains there. It violents our Code of Honor, being truthful, and not lieing. You'll be removed from the clan without any warning.
No Insulting - Do not insult anyone. It violents our code of Honor, being "respectful". However, defending is different if needed and we're family, it happens. If we see you excessively insulting someone, you'll be warned.
No Hacking - Do not hack or share hacking sites. It violents our code of Honor being "truthful". If we see you hacking, you'll automatically be kicked from the clan, and be reported to a moderator of Warmerise.
No Spamming - Please do not spam the clan thread, as it may confuse council who is applying, and confuse applicants by clan news, and recruitment freezes. Also, do not spam the clan wall. Honor uses the clan wall to post new updates, and see newly joined members.
 Clan Ranks:
The clan ranks of Honor. In Honor, every member is equal to one another. Nobody's opinion will be left out, and will be considered. However, Honor does have a rank that runs the clan as well. Here is the ranks of Honor:
Clan Leader: The clan leader is the very important rank in Honor. Also, the rank is the highest of them all. The clan leader is part of the council, and will take charge of the clan. The Clan Leader will post updates regarding the clan, and the clan leader is the administrator of our private forum. This rank is very important.
Clan Paladin: This is the second highest rank. This is the clan co-leader rank, meaning the clan paladin has some control of the clan. Whoever is in this position will be rewarded with moderator status in our forums, and the clan paladin is part of the council.
Clan Knight: This is the third highest rank. This rank is for whom ever has this rank is getting ready for the next rank. Meaning, council position. This rank will be focused on by the council, meaning we look at your personality, activity, and leadership.
Clan Member: This is the rank for newcomes or a true member of Honor. Newcomers will be assigned to this rank until they're ready for clan knight. This rank will make a difference in the clan, because everyone in the clan is going to have their opinions heard.
Here is the Honor memberlist:
Rawr - Clan Leader - http://warmerise.com/profile/Rawr
KerrLock - Clan Leader - http://warmerise.com/profile/KerrLock
Alone101 Clan Leader - http://warmerise.com/profile/Alone101
Ecolypse - Clan Council - http://warmerise.com/profile/Ecolypse
NOte - Clan Council - http://warmerise.com/profile/NOte
xiSMGix - Clan Council - http://warmerise.com/profile/xiSMGix
Predator - Clan Member - http://warmerise.com/profile/Predator
ilovestarwar - Clan Member - http://warmerise.com/profile/ilovestarwar
BlackWolf - Clan Member - http://warmerise.com/profile/BlackWolf
Mystix - Clan Member - http://warmerise.com/profile/Mystix
zShura - Clan Member - http://warmerise.com/profile/zShura
Capdepizda - Clan Member - http://warmerise.com/profile/Capdepizda
Alvaritoop - Clan Member -  http://warmerise.com/profile/Alvaritoop
TymoGamer - Clan Member - http://warmerise.com/profile/TymoGamer
TizArriorBD - Clan Member - http://warmerise.com/profile/TizArriorBD
GreenHawk - Clan Member - http://warmerise.com/profile/GreenHawk
TheSpiderMan - Clan Member - http://warmerise.com/profile/TheSpiderMan
In order to join Honor, you must be invited by a clan council or clan leader. Here is the application form:
Warmerise Account:
Why do you want to join Honor?:
What makes you different from others?:
Have you played with Honor members, if so, who?:
After you have finished the application, a council leader or council will contact you.
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